For ONDA co-founders Billy and Bernie, travel is more than a passion, it’s their life. Having travelled the four corners of the globe, staying in hostels, villas, hotels and everything in between, they both had the same realization: the ideal accommodation for the modern day traveller doesn’t exist.

ONDA was born out of the desire to provide a better way to travel, blending the community and social aspects of a hostel with the little luxuries of a hotel.

And “ONDA”? Well that’s a Spanish word meaning ‘wave’ or ‘vibe.’ It’s commonly used in the expression “¿Qué onda?” meaning “What’s up?” Or used to refer to the feeling you get from a person, place, or experience.

Our guests identify the vibe as being the single most important characteristic of a place to stay, and that’s why ONDA is so important to us, putting our guests and their experience before anything else.

Find your ONDA.


To offer a unique travel experience that serves the needs of the modern traveller, enabling them to see more of the world.


Empower everyone to see the world, together.


Our Playa Grande location is just the beginning.
We’re looking for investors, property owners, and partners
to join us as we scale ONDA into a segment-defining brand.


We are looking to partner with institutional investors seeking to allocate capital to hospitality real estate and will work with you to achieve your investment goals.


We are looking to acquire 10-30 key hotels in Costa Rica. If you own a property and want to know how much it’s worth, we can provide you with a complimentary valuation.


We’re looking to form partnerships with hotel owners, brands, media outlets, content creators, and travel agents as we grow ONDA into a segment-defining brand.



Best Rates + Flexible Cancellation

Best rates guaranteed when booking direct and 100% free cancellation up until 5 days prior to your stay.

Discounts for Longer Stays

For those looking to stay with us a little longer, we offer a 20% discount for 7+ day stays and 35% for 28+ day stays. No code needed, just book direct on our website.

Fast + Reliable Internet

Never miss a meeting or have an interrupted video call with our high speed dual internet connections, back-up power and intelligent traffic management.

No Kids

For the comfort of our guests who come to relax, socialize and work remote, you must be 18 years or older to stay at ONDA. We thank you for your understanding.