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January 31, 2024
January 31, 2024 Allie Kisch

Our Journey into Corporate Retreats, Part III: With a newly defined ONDA Offsite product, we’re eager to find our next perfect corporate clients!

Covid represented a massive shift towards hybrid work and geographical independence for workers. Team offsites have emerged as a critical tool being used to ensure social cohesion and a shared sense of purpose amongst groups of colleagues who may not see each other in the same physical space all that frequently. 

With our new ONDA Offsite product, we’re eager to find our next perfect corporate clients! How ONDA Offsites are different:

    • Simplified product packages + “all in” pricing transparency
    • One on-the-ground point of contact throughout the entire experience (planning → execution)
    • Build-your-own itineraries to fit your perfect balance of work + play
    • Vertically integrated offering – we’re able to control every aspect of the experience

We’ve seen a handful of offsite planning companies emerge, operating similarly to travel agencies: coordinating with numerous vendors in a variety of destinations to orchestrate the details of your team trip, while based in a different city or even country.

One of the big reasons our offering is different is that we are vertically integrated. When clients book an ONDA Offsite, they get direct contact with one vendor (ONDA) for everything needed to build their perfect offsite (transportation, accommodation, meals, programming + activities, meeting spaces).

At the moment, we have only one (fantastic) location, but the upside for our clients is that they can trust we know it and execute it well. As of now, this one location is all we know and all we do!

From conception, our intention has always been to scale ONDA to multiple locations, and we’re in the process of adding hotels to the ONDA network as early as 2025. Our vision is to grow to 10 locations across Costa Rica in the next 5 years, building out our trusted network of quality, comfortable oases for remote workers to seamlessly blend work, travel, adventure, and socialization.

With additional ONDA locations, we’re excited to expand not only our individual ONDA guest experience, but our Offsite offerings as well. Providing our clients with the opportunity to explore even more of Costa Rica’s diverse beauty is something we’re really looking forward to!

We imagine in the future of ONDA Offsites being able to share more than one side of Costa Rica in one trip – spending half the week at our beach hotel, and half at our hotel in the jungle – exploring more of the country with the same level of control + quality, within the same trusted network. 

Our vision is to empower everyone to see the world, together. As we continue to grow, we strive to offer the flexible, comfortable, reliable spaces to work and recharge, and the exciting, adventurous experiences to socialize and explore anywhere in Costa Rica, and later in other countries. 

Having learned from each and every group client we’ve hosted in our first 2 years, we know we will continue to grow as a team and evolve our offerings with each future client we host. If you’re responsible for organizing corporate offsites for your team, please reach out! We’d love to hear any insights or feedback you’re willing to share.

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Allie Kisch

Director of Retreats

Thanks for reading! I’m Allie, Director of Retreats at ONDA, and planning group trips in Costa Rica is all I do! From the very beginning of the planning process, to the end of your trip in Costa Rica, I’ll be your one point of contact to organize & execute the retreat of your dreams.

If you have any questions or you’re interested in learning more about hosting a group event at ONDA, please send me an email and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 🙂

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