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February 3, 2021
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February 3, 2021 Bill Graf

After months of work, we’re excited to finally  present: ONDA. 

ONDA aims to be a global collective, catering to international travelers and remote workers. We provide our guests with memorable travel experiences, social environments, and beautifully-designed, comfortable spaces.

“Onda” is a Spanish word meaning wave, vibe, or ripple. It’s commonly used in the expression “¿Que onda?” meaning “What’s up?”. It’s also frequently used to refer to the ‘vibe’ of a person, place, or experience. 

Our guests identify the vibe as being the single most important characteristic of a place to stay. That’s why we’re laser focused on nailing it, in each and every one of our locations, and helping our guests find their ONDA.

ONDA was founded by an international, multidisciplinary group of friends with a common passion for travel. Our vision is to inspire everyone to see the world together. We will do this by providing guests with a worldwide network of ONDAs that  remove friction from both travel and remote work.

We’ve spent the last seven months laying a foundation and developing our concept. Our development plan is to “upcycle” existing hospitality infrastructure into ONDAs, which will allow us to scale more quickly and cost efficiently than competitive concepts. We’ve identified Costa Rica as our launch country and are on track to open our first location in Q4 2021, with more locations to follow in 2022. 

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you and hope to see you soon.

Team Onda

Bill, Alex, Joe, and Bernie



Best Rates + Flexible Cancellation

Best rates guaranteed when booking direct and 100% free cancellation up until 5 days prior to your stay.

Discounts for Longer Stays

For those looking to stay with us a little longer, we offer a 20% discount for 7+ day stays and 35% for 28+ day stays. No code needed, just book direct on our website.

Fast + Reliable Internet

Never miss a meeting or have an interrupted video call with our high speed dual internet connections, back-up power and intelligent traffic management.

No Kids

For the comfort of our guests who come to relax, socialize and work remote, you must be 18 years or older to stay at ONDA. We thank you for your understanding.