What does ONDA mean?

February 4, 2021
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February 4, 2021 Bill Graf

As some of you know, our company started life last July as “Dos Conejos,” which, in Spanish, means “two rabbits.” This name was derived from an Aztec myth that Alex had once heard whilst running Bar Sublime in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. While the myth tells of 400 rabbits, we decided that (since there were two of us at the time) we would be called “Dos Conejos.”

This name, as well as the logo Bill designed, received negative feedback from friends, advisors, and potential employees. After working through our mission, vision, and values, Joe suggested that he could lead us through a rebrand. The names we explored ranged from animal-themed (“Capra”) to kitsch (“The Dusty Sandal”) to utilitarian (“The Point”).

Ultimately, we chose ONDA, a Spanish word meaning wave, vibe, or ripple. It’s commonly used in the expression, “¿Que onda?” meaning, “What’s up?”  It is also frequently used to refer to the ‘vibe’ of a person, place, or experience.

Once our name was chosen, we worked with Shannon Kennedy, a Colorado-based graphic designer, to develop our visual brand identity. We asked Shannon to create something bold, fun, and playful while avoiding any explicit “wave” cliches, as we don’t want to be pigeonholed as a beach-specific concept.

While we’re still working on fine-tuning other aspects of our visual brand (including colors, patterns, fonts), which we’ll share soon enough, there’s one thing that just can’t wait… 

With much excitement, we present to you our logo…









Bill, Alex, Joe, and Bernie


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