We are ONDA

For ONDA co-founders Billy and Bernie, travel is more than a passion, it’s their life. Having travelled the four corners of the globe, staying in hostels, villas, hotels and everything in between, they both had the same realization: the ideal accommodation for the modern day traveller doesn’t exist.

Built for everyone with a smartphone and a bucket list, ONDA provides guests with an unmatched opportunity to blend work and travel, in a budget-friendly, social setting – enabling them to spend more time exploring than they ever thought possible.

And “ONDA”? Well that’s a Spanish word meaning ‘wave’ or ‘vibe.’ It’s commonly used in the expression “¿Qué onda?” meaning “What’s up?” Or used to refer to the feeling you get from a person, place, or experience.

Our guests identify the vibe as being the single most important characteristic of a place to stay, and that’s why ONDA is so important to us, putting our guests and their experience before anything else.

Find your ONDA.