What is a hotel buyout?

May 3, 2024 Allie Kisch

Welcome to Hotel Buyouts 101 – our introduction to the group vacation of a lifetime! In this blog post, we’ll be going over the basics of a hotel buyout, and every single detail that makes for a great one. We’ll reveal how we at ONDA organize custom buyout packages to bring your dream group trip to life!

HOTEL BUYOUT (noun) : Reserving an entire hotel for one group of people, usually for a special occasion.

What is hotel buyout (more precisely)?

A hotel buyout provides a unique opportunity for you and your crew to take over an entire hotel – every room, every space and amenity entirely at your disposal for an exclusive, intimate experience! Craft a getaway that is all about you and your guests for the most unforgettable occasion ever.

Perks of a hotel buyout:

  1. Privacy: You’ll get an entire hotel to yourselves – your whole crew under one roof! This is your home for the duration of your stay; make the space your own without any other guests around to bother you. 
  2. Total Customization: From themed parties to personalized menus, the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your buyout stay. Custom meals, a dance party or a movie night? 
  3. Budget-friendly: A hotel buyout can be surprisingly budget-friendly, especially when you’re comparing the cost to booking hotel rooms and amenities in the US.
  4. Personalized, hands-on service: Unlike a vacation home rental, a hotel buyout comes with a full staff, ready to help out with whatever you need!

How does a hotel buyout work?

  • Organizing a hotel buyout is not as complicated as it seems. The first step is inquiring about your dates and if they’re available. After chatting with the hotel’s team, you’ll be able to figure out every detail: how many people you want to bring on the trip, what kind of vibe you’re looking for and what activities you would like to do. 
  • After an initial deposit, depending on the hotel’s payment policy, you’ll be asked to provide a rooming list and your general preferences for the trip! This helps create a smooth and friction-less experience once you get to the hotel. 
  • After that, you should be able to enjoy your stay and not worry about general organization, plus you get all the time and attention of the on-site staff!

At ONDA, our buyout team will work as a concierge, helping you plan everything and customize your buyout package — from transportation to meals and tours/activities, so that the only thing you really have to do is hop on a plane and get down to Costa Rica.


Hotel room blocks are often considered when planning a special large group occasion, especially when it comes to destination weddings. Room blocks are pretty convenient. You contact the hotel and they reserve the number of rooms you’d like for your crew until you get to the location for your stay. Seems pretty easy, but can sometimes not live up to your expectations. Oftentimes you and your group will be among dozens or even hundreds of other guests, depending on the size of the hotel. There is no room for customization or privacy of any sort!

With a hotel buyout however, you’ll be able to assign every room in the hotel to your different guests, and do as you please with the public spaces, as they’ll be exclusively available to just you and your guests! You get the liberty of enjoying your private space, in the entire hotel. No noisy neighbors or unwanted guests crashing your little getaway!


A hotel buyout is very similar to reserving a vacation house or villa on Airbnb. One of the biggest, most impactful differences of the hotel buyout experience is that a hotel comes fully staffed! Imagine the intimate, exclusive experience of a vacation rental, but with with bar, restaurant, tours, housekeeping, maintenance and security staff taking care of your every need. Having on-site, knowledgeable, local staff ensures you’ll get the best experience in this new place you’re visiting!

Another big perk of a hotel over Airbnb is the on-site bar and restaurant. You’re on vacation, you might not want to cook! So, just mosey on down to the bar and restaurant on-site, and the team will take care of you – keeping you happy and well-fed for your entire trip!

Top occasions for a buyout:

At ONDA, our most popular buyout clients contact us to celebrate the following occasions:

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