Mixing Work & Travel: Cavan’s 2 Month Stay at ONDA

May 31, 2024
May 31, 2024 Allie Kisch

What was initially planned to be a one-week stay, turned into over 2 months of living and working from ONDA Playa Grande, making Cavan one of our longest-running guests to date. He’d regularly start his days with a grilled cheese for breakfast and a surf sesh, then crank out some work in the coworking space; keep busy in the evenings with a pool tournament, the neighborhood poker game, or by chilling with a book at the pool.

We love to see guests like Cavan who just get it — taking full advantage of all aspects of the ONDA experience we’ve so intentionally crafted. So when after his extended stay with us, Cavan decided to provide us some feedback on the experience, we welcomed it with open arms. Now we’re sharing it with you all — we figure it’s better you hear from him how great we are than to hear it from us. 🙂


I am commonly referred to as a “digital nomad,” someone who doesn’t have a “home” but decides to work in different locations on Earth.

I was looking for my next venture, my next place to temporarily set up shop, and a family member recommended that I visit ONDA. She was an early visitor not too long after ONDA’s genesis. She said, “It’s cool, you should go check it out,” so I did.

I did little-to-no research on the area, hostel, etc.; I had no expectations. I just booked my travel and got here.

I like to view happiness as (outcome—expectations). When the outcome is greater than the expectations, you feel happy. As previously stated, I had no expectations, and the outcome was far and away better than I could have imagined!

I originally booked to stay for one week, and here I am writing this months later, still at ONDA…


The team here at ONDA have been exceptional on all fronts.

When I arrived, I received a warm welcome, which may seem standard procedure for most places you visit. But this warm welcome wasn’t a transient check-in + smile; this energy has remained consistent throughout my stay.

Contrary to the usual superficial connections made with the staff of places I visit and stay at, throughout my time here, I feel I have been integrated into local hobbies, communities, and activities. From surfing to football, beach volleyball, frisbee, and sunset, you name it. For someone who travels alone, having this subsurface connection with the team has allowed for connectivity, which is imperative for us humans!

Over the past few months here, I have eaten from the kitchen almost three times a day. I can be a little fussy sometimes with food: remove this, add that, etc. (all with manners, of course). I’m accustomed to things being delivered or made wrong, yet I haven’t had to return one meal in two months. The kitchen takes high pride in quality, cleanliness, and delivery. Additionally, from an operational perspective, I have never been anywhere with such a seamless process.


ONDA has been designed with acute attention. It balances minimalism and boutique well. Never have I been somewhere where my room, the pool, the office, and the bar/restaurant are so close together.

I’m sometimes a social butterfly, sometimes an introvert. ONDA facilitates both sides of the equation. There is space to stretch, breathe, and relax in peace, as well as a friendly and interconnected community when I feel like being around such a place.

They host weekly Trivia night, sushi night, pool, poker and more. Which allows you to freely pick and choose as and when you fancy it. These nights are also open to the local community, which is great – I have made some amazing connections – this would not have been the case with a walled garden approach.

And finally, the coworking space (which is on campus) is top draw. High-quality desks, chairs, connectivity. The office space has community desks but also private rooms as and when necessary. Without this space, I could not be as productive as I have been.

[brief pause for a peek into Cavan’s camera roll during his 2+ months at ONDA Playa Grande]


Playa Grande is special. From its calm breeze, amazing waves, welcoming community, and tranquil beach. I’m a minimalistic person: less is more. It has everything I need within walking distance. I went three here weeks putting on a pair of shoes or socks…

As someone who grew up in the UK by the sea, ironically in the hub of UK surfing, I have never been anywhere with such a consistent break—Grande is literally a surfers’ paradise. From novice to barrel hunter, Grande has a wave for you.

At ONDA, you can find everything you need: lessons, board rentals, tips and tricks, recommendations, etc.

P.S. The activities team [redact sware word] rocks!!!


In my 25 years alive, this place is probably my favourite place I have been on planet Earth.

As a remote worker, traveller, or just a casual holidaymaker, I would highly recommend visiting ONDA. ONDA provides calmness and mental clarity in a world of chaos and disorder.

I am very grateful I found this place, 

Cav 🙂

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